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Comfort Dental Staff

From the front desk to the back staff you will find all Comfort Dental personnel exceptional. We are friendly, competent and knowledgeable. Our experience shows from communication to technique. Ask us anything -- if we don't know, we will strive to find out for you.  At Comfort Dental we are proud of our hRegistered Dental Hygienists: Lori and Maria, our assistants: Yami, Reina, and Kelly. Our front desk staff: Tara, Britney and Nancy who will assist you with appointments, financial matters, and all are trained dental assistants who can aptly answer your dental questions.



Some of our newer services include:

Laser Dentistry

We offer laser dentistry for your comfort and faster healing. Significantly less mess and discomfort of many traditional surgical procedures; let us show you how laser dentistry can help you with sensitive teeth, many gum procedures. And, laser whitening gets your teeth their whitest!



Same Day Crowns

With modern technology we now offer same day permanent crowns. Our crowns have no metal and are made of strong tooth-colored materials so your mouth looks totally natural with no unsightly dark rings around the gum. Ask about getting your crowns or other dental work, which normally took two to three weeks on the same day! 

One appointment dentistry!



Sedation Dentistry

 Ask about having all of your work done at once with qualified, licensed sedation specialists. We will coordinate your appointment and perform all planned procedures while you relax.




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